About the tour

One of the loveliest resorts in the world, few places can match Taormina’s natural position; perched on a hill terrace overhanging a beautiful coastline, with unbelievable views of the Ionian sea and Mount Etna as its fabulous backdrop

Apart from its splendid natural situation it is also known for its particularly fortunate micro-climate.
When Johann Wolfgang Goethe reached Taormina in 1787, he was enraptured by the enchanting scenery. The great German traveler also admired the theatre, and as he rested on the upper steps acknowledged : “that a theatre audience has never had a similar sight like that”. Words written over 227 years ago, yet today hardly anything has changed. The hidden corners, the atmosphere, and the colors will enchant you as much as they did Goethe.
In 1868 the Prussian Otto Geleng came to stay in Taormina for a long time and portrayed the most suggestive corners of the town in paintings that he exhibited in Paris. From that moment forward Taormina became a center of elite tourism.
Because this small, elegant town lies in a very charming and panoramic spot, and owing also to the vastness of its historical, cultural and archeological heritage, it stands as one of the chief glories of Sicily.


City Tour

From March to October


Places to visit

Some of the beautiful sites to explore include;
Greek-Roman Theatre Odeon Theatre Corvaia Palace
St. Stephen’s Palace Naumachia Cathedral
Botanical gardens Churches Casa Cuseni